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ABCD: American Born Confused Desi - Malayalam Movie Review

ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi - Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Martin Prakkat
Produced by     Shibu Thameens
Screenplay by     Martin Prakkat, Naveen Bhaskar, Sooraj-Neeraj
Story by     Sooraj-Neeraj
Music by     Gopi Sunder
Cinematography     Jomon T. John
Editing by     Donmax
Studio     Thameens Films
Distributed by     Thameens Films
Release date(s)     June 14, 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


Dulquer Salmaan
Jacob Gregory
Aparna Gopinath



ABCD is the story of  US born Malayalis whose life turns complete upside during their stay in Kerala during summer Vacation. John (Dulquer) & Kora (Gregory) was spending a carefree life of rich spoil brats in US. Thats when they get into trouble and Joh's father decides to send them to Kerala till everything settles down. But it was a ploy to teach them the value of life, work, money etc by him. The struggles of these two ABCds' forms the rest of the story.

Plot might sound similar to Veendum chila veetu karyangal & Wake up Sid,  but the super entertaining script that covers all those similarities and makes the film a rocking entertainer. Eventhough its 2hours40min plus long you will never get bored even for a bit. John-Kora duo is the major plus point of the film, they make a rocking pair and the chemistry is sparkling. Dulquers character is some what similar to what we saw in Ustad Hotel & he did a Good Job like in UH. Akkarakazchakal fame Gregory has made a grand debut to Mollywood. Debutant heroine Aparna too has done a very good job. Lalu Alex, Rincy (AK fame), Sreekumar (Marimayam fame) also did great job. 

Gopi Sundar has done a great job once again, both the music and BG are very good & like UH it suits the mood of the film perfectly and another plus for the movie. [Johny mone song is already a viral hit, the other songs/bits being above average]. Director Martin Prakkat has done a very good job in packaging the film as a perfect entertainer. The works of DOP & editor are also commendable.

Its a perfect entertainer, which also conveys a good message, but amidst all that fun and chaos it got a bit lost. Also the film is a perfect youth film with very little so called 'family elements'. Eventhough a throughout entertainer the length could have been reduced by 10-15mins. There are plenty of so called 'new-Gen' comedies too, which lots of people still don't like.

Overall its a pucca rocking youth entertainer that you can watch, especially with friends, and have a blas at the theater. 

Verdict: Very Good

Rating: 3.5/5

Box Office: Super Hit +


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