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Thalaivaa - My Movie Trailer Review

Directed by     A. L. Vijay
Produced by     Chandra Prakash Jain, C.P. Sunil, C.P. Dinesh
Written by     A. L. Vijay


    Amala Paul
    Rajiv Pillai
    Abhimanyu Singh
    N. Santhanam

Music by     G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography     Nirav Shah
Editing by     Anthony
Studio     Sri Mishri Productions
Distributed by     Vendhar Movies
Country     India
Language     Tamil
Thalaivaa Movie Trailer Review 
 Finally the much awaited Thalaivaa teaser has arrived, and like all Vijay films have been received with great applause and appreciations by netizens. 
 The trailer looks slick, rich and stylish. Who ever cut the trailer has done a great job. Eventhough 2.45mins long it feels short, may be due to the excitement. 

The trailer very much gives A-Z about the movie which I found a bit strange and unnecessary, especially since its not a typical mass masala, instead a story oriented film.

Vijay is looking young & Handsome in the new look. The trailer gives a tease into dance steps by Vijay,  a thing which is associated with every movie of his. 

One thing that strikes the most in the trailer is the camera work of  Nirav Shah, who has worked in films like Dhoom 1,2, Billa 1 etc. He shows us a different side of Mumbai [than waht Santosh Sivan showed us in Thuppakki]. Each frame is looking rich. Shot in Red Epic hope it provides epic Visuals

A.L. Vijay has tried to make a stylish film i think. The trailer gives a feel like that. 

The Back ground score is another plus for the trailer, eventhough felt like inspired from Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel theme in the beginning portions. The music has been good, so expecting a good job in the background score as well. [Read Music Review Here:]. Coming in Dolby Atmos hope it will be treat for Movie Goers

Even though the posters and logo suggested a political drama from the trailer its clear that its not.
A Common man becoming a leader of masses has been dealt with umpteen times in Indian movies like Nayakan, Sivaji etc. So the fate of the movie Its entirely upto A L Vijay and his script. How can he make an engaging and interesting film is the important question. 

Verdict: Looking Good

Rating 3.5/5

 Trailer Screenshots

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