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Kerala Box Office 2013 - Top 20 Movies of the year

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Kerala Box Office 2013 Analysis 

 Top 20 Movies of the year

About 158 Malayalam movies released in 2013.
Compared to 2012, 2013 year was disappointing as far as the number of genuine hits were concerned, but the number of 'successful' films increased thanks to exuberant satellite rights offered by Malayalam GECs.

1. Drishyam

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Undoubtedly the biggest blockbuster of the year, and marching on its way to be the all time biggest Malayalam grosser ever. The film already broke records outside Rest Of India, where no film has had such a dream run. Overseas market too the film opened to  thunderous response. 

Budget around 5cr
Satellite rates: rumored to be 5.5cr
Gross: 12.5cr [14 days]

All Time Blockbuster

2. Romans

Till Dec 19th nobody expected any film to dethrone 'Roman's from being the biggest hit of the year. The Ordinary duo repeated their magic earlier this year.

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 Budget around 5.5 crore
Distributors Share 5.5-6 crore
Satellite Rights around 3crore 


3. Sringaravelan

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 Even though critics panned the movie once again Dileep's faithful family audience and holiday season helped the movie to be a big grosses.

Budget around 7 crore
Satellite Rights : 4.85 crore
 Gross 11 crore+
Overseas Rights : 57.75 Lakhs (Record Rate for a Malayalam movie) 

4. Sound Thoma

Even though panned by almost all critics the film did remarkable business thanks to the Summer Vacation. Dileep's unique getup once again attracted kids and families into the theaters even though the film had nothing much in it. 
Budget 5cr+
Distributor Share around 4-4.5cr
 Satellite Rights around 4.5cr

Super Hit

5. Honey bee

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The biggest surprise of the year, this youth centric comedy was well received by all. Moderately budget the film was a huge profit earner

Distributors Share 4 crore +

6.  Memories

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Started pretty slow and worked its magic slowly with +ve WOM

Gross:  about 9 crore
Distributors Share: about 4crore

Super Hit

7. Pullipuliyum Aatinkuttiyum

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 A weak attempt by Lal Jose which worked at Box Office thanks to the songs, packaging, location etc

Gross about 8.75 crore
Distributors Share: about 3.75 crore


9. Daivatinte Swantham Cleetus

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 Budget:  5.5 crore
Gross: about 8.5 crore
Satellite Rights: 4.9 crore


 10. ABCD

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 Dulquer cemented his position with another big grosser this year. Despite big budget it earned profits for makers

Gross: around 9 crore

11. Philips and the Monkey Pen 
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A small budget wonder film. Started pretty slow fashion and ended up a big profit maker.
Gross: About 6.5 crore
12. Amen

Budget: 5.40 Cr
Satellite Rights : 2.90 cr
Other Revenues : 27 Lakhs
Distributors Share  : 3.5crore +

13. Immanuel

Budget : 5.30 cr
Distributor share about 3.5 cr
Satellite Rights : 3.62 cr
Other revenues : 60 + lakhs

14. Punyalan Agarbathis

Gross: about 7 crore so far

15. Mumbai Police

Distributor Share around : 3.15 cr
Satellite Rights : 3.30 cr
Other Revenues: around 65 lakhs
Prod cost : 5.75 cr

16. Neram 

Distributors Share around 3 crore

 17. North 24 Kaatham

Gross: around 6-6.5 crore

18. Celluloid

One of the best critically acclaimed movies of the year, surprisingly entered the profit charts too. The National & State awards also helped in the Box Office
Distributor Share around 2.5cr

 19. Bharya Athra Pora

Gross: around 6 crore

Distributors Share around 2.5crore

20. Annayum Rasoolum /  Nee Ko Nja Cha

Nee Ko Nja Cha

This low budget New generation movie, with mostly unfamiliar faces turned out to be a surprise at the box office. 
Distributors Share around 2.25crore

Annayum Rasoolum
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Budget: 3cr+
Distributors Share: 2-2.25 crore approximate 

Details about other high profile films of 2013

Kammath & Kammath : Budget 8-9cr, Distributors Share 3.5cr, Satellite Rights 4.75cr - Flop

Lokpal : Budget 5-6cr, Distributors Share 1.76cr, Satellite Rights 4cr - Disaster

 RED WINE :  Budget 3.75 cr, Distributors Share 1.25cr, Satellite Rights 3.45cr - Average

3 DOTS :  Budget 4.25 cr, Distributors Share 1.75cr, Satellite Rights 3.21cr - Average

Lucky Star : Budget 3.15 cr, Distributors Share 1.65cr, Satellite Rights 2.7cr - Average

Ladies & Gentleman :  Budget 8cr, Distributors Share 3cr, Satellite Rights 4.5cr - Flop

Kili Poyi :  Budget 2.1 cr, Satellite Rights1.75 cr 

Oru Indian Pranyakatha  is said to have grossed around Rs Rs 3.30 Cr in its first 10 days - Above Average

Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal - Washout - 2.5 crore in 1 Week

Geethanjali Gross about 5 crore, Budget around 5.5 crore - Flop

NEELAKASHAM PACHAKADAL CHUVANNA BHOOMI  Gross : 5.62 crore  Share : 2.30 crore ( Approx. Net : 4.33 cr )

It was a sad year for Telugu dubbed film as none of them worked here in 2013.
Among other language releases Thalaivaa, Singam 2, Vishwaroopam, Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 had a great run in the state. Hollywood films like Life of Pi (released in 2012), Gravity, Fast & Furious, The Conjuring also became huge earners compared to the usual standards. Life of Pi run for 200 + days in Calicut Crown & Film City

* Getting Box Office numbers is a tough task in Kerala as they regarded 'classified' like a nuclear deal or something. When the entire world is using (even inflated) box office numbers to promote their movie we are still living in the stone age, "Why Do you want to know" is the question few of them asked.  So have tried maximum best to obtain figures that are more closer to reality. These are mere approximates and by no means accurate to the very last detail, but the ranking will be more or less the same.


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