Saturday, 9 August 2014

Singham Returns Censor Note - Controversial Scenes/Dialogues Cut

Some Hindu organisations raised objections regarding certain scenes in 'Singham Returns' after the theatrical trailer was released. Small scale protests happpened in north and they also sent complaints to Censor Board of India to delete scenes which they though would hurt sentiments of people. Whether influenced by this or not, CBFC, India ordered some cuts/mutes in the film before certifying it. The censor notes are as follows

  1. Deleted the word 'Vishwadham'. (Replaced with approved word "Vikasdham"
  1. Changed Flag with approved colours.
  1. Deleted the word 'Pravachan'. (Replaced with approved word "Vikasdham"
  1. Deleted Ajay Devgan saluting dargah.
  1. Toned down the dargah scene.
  1. Deleted the visual of cops praying in dargah.
  1. Deleted the word "Do kaudi" (Replaced with word "Faltu"

After making these changes the film was passed by censor board with 'U/A' certificate [Unrestricted Public Exhibition - but with a word of caution that Parental discretion required for children below 12 years
 ] The run length of Singham Returns is 2 hours 22 mins. Film will hit the screens worldwide on August 15th as Independence Day release.

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