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Breaking Views on Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Movie Review

Joss Whedon is back with the biggest real & real life 'super hero' ensemble ever in Hollywood history, the sequel to critic darling & box office juggernaut, The Avengers. SHIELD has fallen (CAP 2 & Agents of SHIELD) and the film begins with the Avengers reuniting to capture Loki's scepter from HYDRA. To avoid any such future mishaps the 'mad scientists' Banner &  Stark decide to use the scepter, befor Thor takes it back to Asgard and create Stark's pet project 'Ultron' a robot army to help them defend Earth. But as always it goes wrong and creates the AI super villain 'Ultron' voiced by James Spader. 'Ultron' is the evil version of stark himself and tsince lack a body and travels via the net, makes it even more difficult for the Avengers to handle. Adding to the woes are the 'Enhanced' twins 'Quick Silver' & 'Scarlet Witch' - the fast & the Weird one. All hell breaks loose as Ultron manages a stock of 'Vibranium' the hardest metal on earth, thing which CAP's shield is made of, and starts building his own Robot army to 'apparently' save Earth by wiping out the entire population. So how will Avengers tackle the enemy this time and save the world forms the rest of the tale.

As a film it might not quite match upto the first one, the first one was one of a kind and blew every one's mind, so it was obvious that it will be a hell of a job to even match up to that. One of the biggest flaws of the film is the Villain, which was supposed to be one of the best ever, menancing, cunning etc. If not for the outstanding job over mic by James Spader (Watch 'The Blaclist' to see the actor in action') the character would have fall flat, thanks to lack of character development. For those who are not familiar with the comic book world, this might just feel like a copy/remake of Shankar's magnum opus, 'Enthiran' .Apart from such minor flaws the film still entertains and may be more than that for Comic book fanatics.

The film is full of humorous one liners, a Marvel specialty. But unlike last time Iron Man & Hulk takes a back seat. But the scene in which they collide is awesome, a true 'every penny worthy' moment. Hawk Eye gets more screen time and punch lines this time and it worked out well too. Black Widow too gets a light thrown in to her past. We also finally gets to see 'Jarvis' in his 'bodly' form. The 'Enhanced twins' also gets their own screen time, even though it doesn't end well for one of them. The Quick Silver do gets some unique moments, but still the Bryan singer version in 'Xmen Days of Future Past' stands tall with that one iconic scene.  The film also threw snippets into the future Marvel movies like 'Black Panther' CAP 3: Civil war'  etc. The new Avengers team which as per reports will fill in for the the current team in 'Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1' also gets teased at the end.

The action sequences are awesome. But the cinematography fails to capture the entire thing in grandeur, makes us often wonder, what the hell is happening ala Transformers like. VFX is as always top notch. Back ground score was Okay.

I n all Avengers Age of Ultron is your typical Hollywood summer blockbuster. Don't expect a 'Dark Knight', its for Comic book - Super hero movie aficionados and offers everything a Marvel movie promises.

Rating: 3.5/5




The end credit scene features Thanos, once again and he is getting ready to hunt for the 'Infinity stones' all by himself, and the wait for 'Infinity Wars' begin.......

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