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North 24 Kaatham - Malayalam Movie Review

North 24 Kaatham - Malayalam Movie Review

 Writer, Director: Anil Radhakrishnan Menon
Produced by: E 4 Eentertainment
DOP: Jayesh Nair
Music: GovindMenon
Editor: Dilip Dennies
Costumes: Sameera Saneesh
Make up: Ranjith Ambadi


    Fahadh Faasil as Harikrishnan
    Swati Reddy as Narayani
    Nedumudi Venu as Gopalan
  Premgi Amaren as Vyomkesh [Cameo]
Chemban Vinod
    Sreenath Bhasi
    Srinda Ashab
    Prigi Abigail Benger
    Deepak Nathan


 'North 24 Katham' [1 katham = 16 KMs] narrates the story of a journey by 3 strangers [Harikrishnan (Fahad Fazil), Gopalan (Nedumudi Venu), and Narayani (Swati Reddy)] through the heartlands of Kerala, on a 'Harthal' day & the incidents that takes place on course. Harikrishnan is an IT professional. Gopalan is a yesteryear Marxist & Narayani a social worker.
It also the journey of Hari in which he breaks the shell which he himself created around him and finally gets a feel of the life & word out there.

People of Kerala celebrates Harthal,Strike,Bandh etc like festivals & Holidays. Roads will be empty, shops will be shut and most remain in their home. Those who can't avoid traveling in such days will have to go through Hell before reaching destination. The film also throws light into the condition, but in a lighthearted manner.

The story line is similar to Steve Martin starrer Planes, Trains & Automobiles, which film like Anbe sivam, Due Date have also used. But the Director who is also the writer have adapted the screenplay according to our conditions and discuss some socially relevant issues.

N24K is a nice, slow, breezy entertainer which begins as a typical New-Gen film, but later changes its track. The main highlight of the film is the performances of the lead cast. Nedumudi Menu was excellent as Gopalettan, especially in the climax portions. Fahadh Faasil once again has given a superlative performance as the OCD IT professional. Swati Reddy also was good. All the supporting cast were very efficient. Premgi Amaren who comes in a cameo, with his typical punchline, wins claps. Liked the title card which very much explains the entire film in photo cards.

The film is slow for the liking of Masses. Its not everyone's cup of tea. Those who prefers crass/mass formula films may stay away from this. Even though it runs just over 2hours, it drags here and there. There is no spoon feeding in n24k which might leave viewers with some unanswered questions once the film get over, even I would have preferred some sort of clarifications on some points. Also the pre-climax portions seemed bit far stretched.

Direction was very good, a confident debut by Anil. Camera work was excellent, captured the heart of Kerala with al its grandeur. Music & BG were very good too. Editing could have been a bit sharper.

SO all in all, its a different entertainer that may not be of every body's liking. As far I am concerned, I liked it, think you should check it out too.

Verdict - Good

Rating 3.25/5

Last Word - Its Different !!!

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